About us

Here at Empower Co. we are number one supporters of creating sustainability for the planet and also for its inhabitants. By this we mean that we want people to live sustainably in all facets of their lives in order to help preserve mother nature and human nature. 

We also know that if you are here reading this, you want to do your part to help our planet and that's AWESOME! We appreciate you joining us on our mission and thank you for taking that first step into creating a brighter future for tomorrow. We have found that making the ‘right’ decision for the planet is often a difficult and inconvenient one. Making a difference should be easy and that’s exactly what we aim to provide. We have made sustainability affordable and simple so that you can make significant changes from your living room.

For example, did you know that USA alone uses 500 million plastic straws a day? Or did you know that 200,000 tonnes of waste is produced by feminine products each year? These and other examples of neglectful and deplorable statistics are increasing annually. Now it's our aim to help us make it right. Statistics show that simple changes of only 2% in our daily routines have the greatest impact. Something as simple as incorporating a re-usable cup into our lives could save on average 300 plastic cups per person per year.         

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